Sunday, February 18, 2018

History of the World

My wife's cousin introduced me to the majesty that is Bill Wurtz over the holidays.  I've been binge watching them ever since.

Don't say I never taught you nothin'.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Be My Valentine

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and if you're still struggling with what to get me-- allow me to drop a subtle hint.

Kelly Carlin, the lovely daughter of the great George Carlin, is auctioning off her late father's '96 BMW.

From the auction listing:

"This 1996 BMW 850Ci shows 80k miles and is one of 363 delivered to North America with the 5.4-liter M73 V12. Finished in Schwarz over Black Nappa leather with wood trim, this example features a 5-speed automatic transmission, Electronic Damper control, an aftermarket stereo, and 18″ Racing Dynamics wheels. Comedian George Carlin was the sole operator of the car from new until his death in 2008, though it was first purchased by his business partner. It was acquired by Carlin’s daughter following his passing in 2008 and she has added 11k miles since then. Servicing in 2017 included replacing the headliner, an alignment, and passing a California smog test. This E31 is now being offered with service records, factory booklets, a clean Carfax, and a clear title in the seller’s name."

Click here to view the auction site.

Monday, February 12, 2018


My friend Doug introduced me to these. What a treat!

-- Chris

Super Bowl

I made this video right before the Super Bowl but I never uploaded it.  Here's a way to make sports more fun.

Sunday, February 11, 2018



Thanks for visiting the Making Fun page!  I'm not entirely sure what the premise is here just yet-- but I can assure you we'll be making a whole lot of fun.

I'll tell you a bit about myself.  My name is Chris and I've always had a penchant for having fun. It's been my goal in life as long as I can remember to have fun at all times.  I'm a huge fan of sports, I'm obsessed with stand up comedy and I have a long-standing love of talk radio.

I purchased this domain about two years ago with the intentions of it being my personal outlet for all things 'fun'.  As of yet, I haven't really provided any structure to it.

So, for now, let's just see where this thing goes. 

I've got a lot of friends that have expressed interest in participating to this project and I will introduce them as they appear.  I recently signed up for an account on Blog Talk Radio, so at some point there will be a podcast element to this site.

In the meantime, check back frequently as things get added throughout this year.  Eventually, we'll have some sort of method to the madness.  Until then, have fun!

-- Chris